Thursday, March 21, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Almond Chip Cookie Pact

I left so long in between my posts ;~~~~; I did not want that. aaahhh
I'm just waiting for the rest of my Sweet Recipe stuff THAT IS TAKING AGES FFS to arrive so I have stuff to review ;~~~~; but it's taking so long omg I ordered it before the Cookie pact ;A;
I love this omg
It smells so cute... Or maybe it doesn't, because I told Liam to smell it because it smelt like cake and he said it didn't so I'm not sure if I'm just crazy? But I'm sure it smells like some sort of cookie/cake thing. ;A; /flails

Anyway even more anyway~
I love this pact, it's so precious and smells wonderful and gives a nicer coverage than my Cats Wink one did~ I'm still using Cats Wink BB Cream because I haven't bought anything new in ages, but if anyone can suggest a better BB Cream (esp. since my cats wink ones keep exploding due to poor packaging wtf) then I'll love you forever~ ♥ I need something for veeery pale skin that hides redness well. ;u;

I've been using the cookie pact since I last updated with my gets post on it (since the fifth~♥) and it's wonderful /loves on etude
Here's pictures of me wearing Cats Wink pact and then Cookie pact~

It takes a little more redness away from my face so it's gooooood ;u; these are both taken from my iphone, but my camera seems to get shittier and shittier every picture I take? LOL
Someday I will start taking them on my camera LOOOL /never tbh?

  • smells cute!
  • fairly cheap on ebay~
  • better coverage than cats wink pact
  • whiter than my cats wink one ouo
  • cute packaging!
  •  The applicator is annoying and has no holding bit ;A;
 FOTD/OOTD (there aren't many because I recycled a bunch :S)

 The cross~leggings picture goes with the FOTD one above where I was comparing the pacts :> the others I just didn't wear makeup orz the weird suit shirt and no pants was for a genderbender thing and just.. idk
 I really loved this outfit ;~~~; saaahh cute

UHHHH I didn't take an outfit shot because I was at Liam's and couldn't find a big mirror. :S

My phone is being shit and not taking pictures around the other way so ow
and my makeup job was worse than normal so more ow


  1. hi after reading a bunch of your posts i think you should add like a bloglovin' button or some sort of follow thing, or all of them, so i can follow you on everything b/c your posts amuse me.

    also an about me thing.

    also be my friend plz

    1. It seems you have found a follow button :o
      haha thank you. :>
      I have an about me~~
      ~ http://kim-namjoo.blogspot.com.au/p/blog-page.html ~ ta~da :>

      And yay! I'd love to be. ^^