Monday, March 25, 2013


I had ads for like... A day. wtf 
Anyway, yay clothes! /judged omg
I bought these from Temt because I need so many cute shorts. ;u;

 And someone needs to remind me to buy XS next time from Supre because their small is pretty goddamn big???? I was wondering why they had like 3XS. :< Both top & skirt are from Supre~
 And this top and skirt is too OTL
I really wanted more skirts though but these are surprisingly long on me. ;A;
 Dress is from Supre and jumper thing is from Temt.

 And the same jumper thing in black. ;u; (idk why I'm posing I just... aaahhh)
 AND THE SKINNIEST SKINNY JEANS I'VE EVER OWNED wtf and the cutest t-shirt~ ;u;
sgfhgjkjhgfshjjsdkhff help me i'm dying

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Etude House Cupcake All Over Colour RD301 Raspberry Mousse Cake

First off it just looks like the Shini Star glosses. orz 
I was like, "Is this going to really go on my eyes???"
I admit I haven't tried it as blush yet, but as I am not a blush person (though probably should be), I probably never will.
So I just went for eyes and lips. 
 This morning before I went to my one hour tutorial; when on your lips it it's not a very dark/obvious colour but it's okay since I do enjoy more natural looking lips over something OTT
And I'm going to admit that I love the colour and that I looked adorable today.
(Just believe me, okay?)
Anyway, this was a review.
After my class and after I had lunch with my roommate, my makeup became this~

Now, I've never used cream eyeshadow before, so I'm not gonna judge on how it ended up in the crease of my eyelid.
Just kidding, I am judging. It only took a minute to fix up anyway, but still annoying that it happened.
Before I used this I looked up to see if just my primer would hold it on and people were like "Yeah, primer is coooooooooooool", but it didn't seem to. I'm not sure if I should put normal eyeshadow over the top? But that might take away how cute this colour is. Argh. My primer usually holds all my normal eyeshadow on for ages. ;~~~~; (Thinking I should just try a new one~)

  • It's the cutest colour
  • Like most Etude products, the cutest tin
  • Being able to match my eyes and lips exactly makes me really happy orz
  • Easy application with brush~~ 
  • I may have to buy a new primer. 
Ack ;u; I SAID THE JUMPER WOULD BECOME CUTE WITH BLACK, DIDN'T I? ;U; (currently loving this outfit rn wow)

Dying hair~?

I've been thinking about it for a while and foooor some time I was set on a caramel blonde colour, like;
or Jessica's Genie haircolour
but then I was like "What if it looks like utter shit"

But here are two photos, one where I'm wearing a wig that is definitely not the colour I want but was the only wig picture I could find without reactivating my old fb and then one with my natural colour orz
I just want to know if anyone has any opinions because I know I've wanted blonde for a while, but with my eyebrow colour idk, I could colour my eyebrows? LOL
oop I lied I found some more
(this is about two years old DON'T JUDGE MY EYEBROWS AND NO MAKEUP AAAHAHAHAH /hides in shame)
They're all varying shades of blonde but IT'S JUST TO I guess show you guys how I look in blonde?
idk what should I dooooo? Should I dye my hair? Or can someone suggest a colour that would be wonderful?? ;u;
I really just want to get rid of the brown. sobs

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Under cut for mass image posting.
I just tried to drag and drop 119 pictures. To be honest, not one of my smartest attempts at internet.


Ooohhh two gets post in a row /gets shot for buying too much.
Anyway, I bought the last stuff ages ago soooOOoOOo yeeaaahh..

... So since Diva has been having this 3 for 2 sale, I went and bought a necklace (which you can't see but it's on the bunny head) that's like a locket with a bunny on it ;u; and then the tiny pink bunny thing in front of the Reese's, which has another necklace in it but tbh I bought it for the outsides LOL, and then cute little clip on bunny ears that I'm probably going to get judged irl for. :<
Then I got the big bunny head, mini tripod and two packs of Reese's from The Reject Shop bc whO DOESN'T LOVE REESE'S AND WHO DOESN'T LOVE BUNNIES and I kept saying on Youtube I'd buy a tripod... Mini will do...
And I got a cute bra from Big W, yay! And two other things~
 This super cute pink jumper~ish thing, which has the cutest black bow on the back so I don't have to really go out of my way to not dress in black. ;u; It's meant to be a size 16 but omg it's not very big? I think this jumper is meant to be super tight but I wanted it to be cute and oversized ;~~~;

This shirt is, tbh, a kids shirt. /shot
I saw it and was like OH GOD THAT IS SO CUTE WHY IS IT IN THE KIDS SECTION AND NOT IN MY ARMS and Rosie told me I should just buy it in a size 14/16 kids and it'd fit... Which it did. LET'S JUST NOT TELL ANYONE IT'S A KIDS T-SHIRT, OKAY GUYS? sobs. It was only $3 so I love it. ;u;
I then got this at Cotton On, it looks kinda crappy here because I'm wearing a white singlet underneath orz hopefully it'll look better with black. ;~~~;
I was also going to buy this but it kinda turned out... Unflattering, to say the least. :<
Which makes me sad because it was super cute on the hanger.

&OOTD on the rare day I am wearing nearly no black :O

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Finally arrived! Gets~

But fiiiiiinalllyyyy oooooh myyy gooodddd
They're so cute and perfect and I wanna wear them all now but I'm going to wait ;~~~~; (or I could put them all over my face yes yes I shall become a clown)

I ORDERED ALL FIVE ALL OVER COLOURS AND I DIDN'T GET BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE, INSTEAD I GOT AN EYESHADOW WTF /goes to rage at ebay seller omg (you can see the eyes one in the picture above ugh)

I wanted to wear this dress because it use to be cute on me but then I lost weight and now it just looks like I'm pregnant in this picture LOL it has cats on it though ;uu;
I haven't been wearing makeup lately because my eyes are rejecting lenses rn .-. mostly because I've been wearing them nearly day in day out and my eyes are hating on me. /mean to eyes /stawp judging me i feel the judging stares

Etude House Sweet Recipe Almond Chip Cookie Pact

I left so long in between my posts ;~~~~; I did not want that. aaahhh
I'm just waiting for the rest of my Sweet Recipe stuff THAT IS TAKING AGES FFS to arrive so I have stuff to review ;~~~~; but it's taking so long omg I ordered it before the Cookie pact ;A;
I love this omg
It smells so cute... Or maybe it doesn't, because I told Liam to smell it because it smelt like cake and he said it didn't so I'm not sure if I'm just crazy? But I'm sure it smells like some sort of cookie/cake thing. ;A; /flails

Anyway even more anyway~
I love this pact, it's so precious and smells wonderful and gives a nicer coverage than my Cats Wink one did~ I'm still using Cats Wink BB Cream because I haven't bought anything new in ages, but if anyone can suggest a better BB Cream (esp. since my cats wink ones keep exploding due to poor packaging wtf) then I'll love you forever~ ♥ I need something for veeery pale skin that hides redness well. ;u;

I've been using the cookie pact since I last updated with my gets post on it (since the fifth~♥) and it's wonderful /loves on etude
Here's pictures of me wearing Cats Wink pact and then Cookie pact~

It takes a little more redness away from my face so it's gooooood ;u; these are both taken from my iphone, but my camera seems to get shittier and shittier every picture I take? LOL
Someday I will start taking them on my camera LOOOL /never tbh?

  • smells cute!
  • fairly cheap on ebay~
  • better coverage than cats wink pact
  • whiter than my cats wink one ouo
  • cute packaging!
  •  The applicator is annoying and has no holding bit ;A;
 FOTD/OOTD (there aren't many because I recycled a bunch :S)

Monday, March 11, 2013

geocolouredlenses.com review~ C:

 So I bought the Geo Princess Mimi Combo, consisting of Apple Green, Chocolate Brown, Sesame grey and Almond brown; mostly because it was only $64.09 in total for FOUR GODDAMN PAIRS OF LENSES PRAISE THE LORD TBH ;A; and I really needed new ones hahahah
I've been wearing the almond brown ones the most because they honestly just enlarge my eyes seeing as the brown in the middle was my exact colour and it freaks people out a tiny bit less.
I was actually going to post my aquarium date then I was like I HAVEN'T REVIEWED IN AGES LET'S GOGOGO (plus I'm boring so idkkk :>)
Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown

I took really badly angled photos that make my nose look huge but I don't really care. :>
Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey
I love love looooooveeeee this grey so much. ;u;

Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green
 Sorry, this is a fairly blurry photo but I didn't realise until I uploaded it. :(
Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown
The chocolate brown is fairly orange while not in my eyes, but since my eyes are super dark, they become waaayyy more brown. hahaha
All of these lenses are super, super comfortable!
  • So suuuuper comfy!
  • Best colours
  • Combo set prices are like stealing omg
  • fairly natural looking lenses
  • super quick delivery~!
  • They come with free cases /loves on
  • I CAN'T WEAR THEM FOR LONG ENOUGH I JUST WANNA WEAR THEM ALL DAY TBH ;A; (but I also want to keep my eyes hehehe)
OOTD/FOTD... s oops

The first one, I went to a toga party, we did have sheets buuuuuuuut they turned out looking like shit so we just wore white and our accessories and I wasn't going to take an FOTD shot but in my drunken state I was like WHY THE FUCK NOT LOOK AT MY FACE
The second outfit reminds me of T-ARA's Sexy Love outfits just bc the vest thing is kinda ringmaster~y IDK /runs away
and I haven't taken many the last few days because I had Liam over/I recycled a few outfits from past OOTD updates. :>

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tonymoly Fruit Princess Gloss in #4

The cutest gloss eveeerrerrrer ;u; (apart from bunny gloss' shhh)
It's honestly just a clear gloss that I wear when I'm not wearing makeup (ie. not used much yet haha)
When my camera decides to focus on everything but what I want it to focus on, I basically want to kill it. orz

Anyway, it has a slight sheen to it, obviously, since it's a lip gloss.
There's not really much to say about this, apart from it's cute and an okay gloss that stays on for a decent amount of time as long as you don't eat. But you want to eat, so carry it with you. :>

It's really not something you desperately need unless you desperately need cute things tbh. I'm very on the edge of like and dislike for this, seeing as I can get cheaper and more for this price, but then it won't smell as nice.
I don't know. ;A;
It's a cute addition to my collection so I like it but it's just clear so I'm not sure? Hahahah.
Anyway, yeah. :<

I took really weird fotd pictures yesterday please excuse my face wow
Yeah, I didn't wear makeup today because today was a busy day in which I wanted to complete absolutely everything quickly. ;A; Also everyone seemed to like my outfit but I was like "... But this is me running out of clothes and wearing things I don't like???" orz
I'm going to a toga party tonight though so idk. Bed sheets, yay. :<
I'm not sure whether or not to wear makeup but I'lll seeeeeeeee.