Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tonymoly Prestige Carat Hologram Gloss #3 Gold Aura

First off, I'm not sure if I LIKE the smell or not? Because it smells kind of fruity but I can't figure out what type of fruity. /shot.
It smelt bad at first, but then okay... I just... Can't think of the fruit? Haha.
Anyway, it's not as gold as it says while on lips. ;~~~; maybe if you put a lipstick under it? /will test out later.
It comes out like this on lips, with like... A slight undertone of gold. And if you put more on, it just looks way too squishy and gross. ;~~; (this picture looks weird... it looks nicer when I'm not dumb with camera)
Comes out nice on my arm though. :> /paints arm sob

  • It's an okay enough lipgloss, it doesn't burn my lips or anything
  • It was also free LOL
  • I love the smell ;~~~;
  • It looks fancy as fuck
  • Doesn't turn up super gold on lips. I wanted to be a gold queen :<

Also, I'm going on a 'pub crawl' tonight (idk exactly what that is because I've never been on one) and I apologise in advance if I make another drunken review.

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