Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tonymoly Petite Bunny Lipgloss #1 Juicy Strawberry, #2 Juicy Grape, #8 Neon Yellow & #9 Neon Red

The super cute lipglosses that I have wanted for ages! Yay! :>
Anyway, they are perfect and I love them omg ;u; I wish I didn't pull off the entire sticker off the first two I bought though, because it's now sticky in that area. ;~~~~~;
Here are swatches, in the order the lipglosses are in the top picture~
The neon red is my favourite, seeing as it comes out the pink~est. Haha. The Juicy Grape is more of a clear gloss, which is... OK but I don't know, not my favourite.
They all smell really, really nice though. ;u; /smells arm for rest of post LOL

  • if you don't like rabbits i don't like you (just kidding and also not kidding)
  • They smell so fruity ;uuu;
  • come in a range of colours! Choices, choices. ;~~~;
  • Around $5~10 depending on where you buy from 
  • cute faces omg and cute packaging~
  • As with all lipglosses, they need reapplying after eating or drinking~
OOTD, OOTY?, OOT... last night? LOL and FOTD/FOTY

YesterDAY+closeup of cute stud~y things. :>

Last night~ (FOTD stolen from instagram, I forgot to take one ;AAAAA; ) I wore minimal makeup because I didn't have time for lenses and lashes. /sobs. I wish I took a back picture of this dress, it has a super cute cage kind of thing :>

OOTD and FOTD! Yay! Hahah. I'm going back to wearing lenses again as long as my eyes don't stay all red and veiny ;~~~; because that scares me. sobs. And yes, I gave in to the bone tight fad. ;u;
And I'm in love with these brown contacts omg, it looks normal enough compared to my others and I get to keep my natural~ish eye colour. ;u; !! (my fotd picture looks so derpy though omg)


  1. I own the Juicy Peach and Juicy Apple. They're both great! Cute blog!

    1. I'm sorry I didn't see this comment! ;o;
      I love these! They're so super cute and the neon red is the best. ;u;
      Thank you~ ♥

  2. I hesitate to buy it or not. Thanks. Your review will help me so much to choose it.

    1. These are definitely worth the money! These and my Etude Sweet Recipe Candy Sticks are used the most! :>