Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tonymoly Panda's Dream Good-bye Dark Eye Corrector

Stupid expensive concealer that doesn't work! YAY!
So, before picture, where I'm trying to cover the dark spots next to my eyes.
See? The blue~y parts? Yeah.
And after?

Things that work = not this concealer. This picture isn't as close because I was too lazy to get my actual camera, but the dark parts were soooo obviously still there when I used like triple the amount of concealer I needed. :< (also look here is a reference picture FOR HOW RED MY FACE IS WITHOUT MAKEUP NOOOO ;A; )

I'm not putting likes/dislikes here because I literally only have dislikes; it doesn't conceal shit and now I'm out $14 with no concealer and dark shit around my eyes still.
Don't buy it. Just don't. :>


I didn't wear my extensions because I had one class and didn't feel like putting them in just for an hour. :>
But I made my hair cute so yoooouuu knooowwww yay!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, and it's supposed to 'correct' dark eye circles with its 'whitening formula', but it doesn't, although I've been using it for more than a week. :)
      I do understand it's an eye cream, not a concealer, but I kept saying concealer instead of correcter, which was my bad. orz