Monday, February 18, 2013

Tonymoly Mini Bunny Hand Cream Sweet Pink

I have a lot of Tonymoly reviews and not many Etude ones because I'm still waiting for my Sweet Recipe stuff to arrive. :< sobs
Anyway, this is suuuuper cute hand cream and I honestly just wanted to try it because it had bunnies on it. /shot
I chose the pink one because it's cuter tbh c:
And I also do not regret reviewing lipstick whilst drunk because I really didn't like that lipstick.

Anyway! This is my new favourite hand cream and I feel sorry for my Missing U ones because now I'll never use them. /shot

  • It smells reaaaally good~! Kind of... fruity? I'm not sure how to describe it ;~~;
  • Cute!
  • It has bunnies on it come on
  • It's the same amount of product as Etude's Missing U hand creams with the bonus of not sticking your hand in a tub and making it unsanitary.
  • It doesn't stay oily for ages, unlike missing u hand creams
  • it's cheap! :> i think like $6-7 or something?
  • It's so cute that I wanna cuddle it
  • My only real dislike is that I didn't buy this sooner.

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