Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tonymoly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar #2 Momo Fruity

This is another product that I want all types of. ;~~~; It's also one of those ones I've been questioning buying online but haven't gotten around to it just because I can't be bothered. LOL
It's super cute and smells wonderful. It really is fruity. ;uu; yay! A product that does not lie! (looking at you sweet cotton candy :<)
I wanted the pink or white one to match my moist mist but I liked this ones smell much more~

  • Smells kinda like grapefruit? idk smells NICE
  • It's cute. Look at its little bow tie.
  • It's teeny, so you can take it everywhere~
  • It lasts for ages~
  • I want to kiss it because it's so cute omfg

  • It was $15 ;~~~;
  • It's hard to open.

I'm sorry this is short, I literally do not have anything else to say. OTL

I really want to hang out with someone and go somewhere but my roommates are all out and I have no other friends in Sydney. LOL.
Someone please be my friend here, I'll buy us pizza for dinner, OK~? (please??? Look I'm begging! Do it ;A; ~)

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