Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tonymoly Cats Wink Shiny Skin Base (Peach)

So, after much convincing, my parents took me to the Tonymoly store when we got to Sydney because I "super really duper need these really badly"... Which I do. LOL
I haven't owned a base in so long because I was too lazy to get one shipped out to me. Hahahaha. And I didn't wear makeup often enough because I was sitting inside all day every day. ;u;
I'm reviewing the base today because I wore it from 10AM - 7PM under my, surprise surprise, Cats Wink BB Cream and Cats Wink Pact. LMFAO. ;U;

 Every review made me assume the base was as big as the BB Cream but it's a little smaller LOL

omfg though, so going back to the Tonymoly Sydney store, I thought it'd be wwaaayyy overpriced, but it's pretty much what I spend when I buy it on the internet, and it's only a train ride away from me now. c:

I basically looked like this all day;
Apart from my left eyelash attempting to detach itself wtf.
This base is a godsend oh my god ;u; (lol just because I haven't had one for ages and have to reapply a few times a day!)
Cats Wink products are my favourite ever, wooow, I'm not even joking. I use the BB cream, pact, base and mascara on a daily basis. And the gloss and tint every other day. OTL (Etude House bias, use tonymoly so much more? LOL)

  • Lasted nine hours. No need for retouching at all. 
  • Super cute. ;u; (auto-like for tonymoly and etude haha)
  • Cheap! $8 on ebay, $11 in the Tonymoly Sydney Shop
  • Only need a small bit to cover your face~
  • I only bought it now wtf

ft. some of my room that I'll do a blogpost about sometime idk
I wore this when I went to enrol in uni and such~ ;u;
Also I've become friends with my housemates~! Yay! :'D

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