Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tonymoly CatChu Wink Tony Tint #3 Orange Chacha

Despite my infinite love for my Tonymoly tint in Cherry Pink, I don't really like the Catchu one? I really wanted the orange one because I assumed it would be wondrous, but it doesn't last half as long as my Cherry Pink one. I absolute loooooooove the colour, but it comes off straight after I eat. :<

excuse un~makeup'd face pls :<
Above picture is with the tint and how I usually do it when I wear the red, with clear gloss on top, which is lovely but hardly seen in pictures ;~~~~; It doesn't last half as long as the Cherry Pink one. :<

  • Super cute container!
  • Really wonderful colour
  • Fairly cheap
  • Tints are the most natural look, especially if you want something cute~
  • SMELLS nice
  • This does NOT last if you eat or drink, it comes straight off. Not what tints are meant to do. :<
  •  tastes like death and destruction tbh
I suggest, if you want to try tints, to try the Red Apple/Cherry Pink Tonymoly tints~ They're an older series, but are muuuuch more efficient in being good tints. c:


  1. I think Red Apple/Cherry Pink Tonymoly tints have a natural colour but it make your lips too dry. :"<

    1. Ah, yeah! I've had that problem before. :<
      As cute as they look, after a while they do dry your lips out and then don't look the same after being reapplied.
      Thank you for all your comments. ♥