Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sydney Central Gets~

Amy and I braved the trains today~ ;u; (aka Amy did because I couldn't figure anything out... please never ask me for directions...) Mostly because I got paid for the work I did at The Crepe Cafe and kind of because we were both really bored.
And Tonymoly.
The Tonymoly store is like my most favourite thing about Sydney right now. Since I bought over $100 worth of stuff they gave me a free lipgloss and BB Cream cleanser. ;uuuuu; y-you guys want me to come back, don't you? I WILL. TAKE ALL MY MONEY, OKAY. ;A;
Anyway, what I got... /cries
 Forgive me... It won't un~rotate itself. ;A;
I bought uh...First, from Tonymoly, Cats Wink Lipstick in #7 Salmon Wink, Catchu Wink 'Tony Tint' in #3 Orange Chacha, Fruit Princess Gloss in #4, Hello Bunny Perfume Bar in #2 Momo Fruity, Kiss Lover Lip Plumper #2 Hoot Mint, Backstage Sure Tint #1 Tiara Pink, Panda's Dream Good-bye Dark Eye Concealer, Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in #9 Neon Red & #2 Juicy Grape, Crystal Blusher in #9 Pink Jubilee & #4 Milkybar Violet and then I received UV Sunset BB Cream Cleansing foam and Prestige Cara Hologram Gloss in #3 Gold Aura. SOBS YOU SEE WHY I GOT THINGS FREE? /shot (also I do buy too many lip products but they're my favourite type of makeup. ;u; ~)
We then went into Paddy's Market and I was pretty much like THAT STORE IS MY CALLING /shot
And then I got new contacts, yay! I bought blue ones, that I can't try until I buy a new lens case, brown ones and pink ones which I'll be wearing tomorrow~ C: I also got bottom and top eyelashes from the same store and new eyelash glue. ^^
I also bought Sunny's version of I Got A Boy because I couldn't find Yuri's in the store and a SNSD IGAB patch. ;u;
Aaaaand then we were walking around and I spotted a store that had Japanese cosmetics orz
And bought Dollywink Liquid Liner in what I assume is black and Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek in some sort of red? LOL /can't read Japanese ;~~~~~; I was really disappointed when I opened the Puff de Cheek and it was so EMPTY. I didn't realise it was only 7g because it cost me $25~ish. ;a;

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway that was really long but I'm most likely reviewing all that in due time sooooooooooooooooooooo gijiojisighosiheiofdj sh. ;u;


Nooooo my eyes look really weird. ;A;
And bonus of me attempting to figure out if my extensions looked dumb down or not (they did)


  1. does the panda corrector work? ovo

    1. I was actually going to review that today! Hahaha.
      It's... Okay, but... Ah, my review will be up sometime today. orz