Thursday, February 7, 2013

I'm moving to Sydney~!

I'm sorry for the lack of makeup updates but over the last few days I've been contacted by a uni in Sydney, I'd received a final round offer and then I was like "... Fuck. I need accommodation."
So the last two days I was like frantically messaging and applying for places and I've gotten one! I'm moving in on the 11th. So very, very soon! :)
 It's a five bedroom apartment, but you get your own bathroom in your room, the only shared thing is the kitchen and loungeroom, there's also a room downstairs which I really hope I don't get because I don't wanna be all lonely downstairs. :<

If anyone from Sydney reads my blog AT ALL PLEASE BE MY FRIEND because I literally have no friends in Sydney and I am going to be so lost. ;A;

OK that's it.
I'll resume makeup~ing when I'm settled at uni.


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    1. Not very helpful, considering I moved to Sydney more than a week ago.