Saturday, February 16, 2013

G-g-gets. ;~~;

Myself and three other housemates went to central today. ;~~~;
How was I meant to not buy stuff? CRIES

Anyway, I needed a new bag because mine is breaking, so fair enough.
I wanted to buy more of the Petite Bunny glosses and I really want to try out Mini Bunny hand cream. /shot for making excuses tbh

Also I love octopus as much as I love bunnies. ;u; SO REASONS FOR EVERYTHING I GUESS
and the lady gave me a trial of tomatox face moisturizer? I guess because I didn't wear makeup today my face must have been awful /cries
OH I ALSO GOT A lipgloss holder thingy? idk the name hahah
but I've put in daily use glosses, lipsticks and concealer and lash glue, etc~ and stuff I want to review in it~ :>
It's super cute omg ;~~~~~~;

OOTD (no fotd because I didn't wear makeup haha)
Last night I was looking at pictures and realised that I really wanted to wear these tights even if it was hot. :<
I also wore my boots but I didn't want to put them on just for a photo. /shot
I'm also still questing for Sydney friends so please come to me. ;A;

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