Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DO NOT BUY: lollylens.com

Last year, in July, I had my second encounter with lollylens.com, the colour I had received was not my first choice; my first choice was the pink of the same brand. I received an email a few days after ordering saying that the pink was faulty and I couldn't receive them so I should pick another. So OK, that was fine. I picked the purple. Good enough, right? Wrong.
I received this.
A torn lens.  Not just torn, but there is a piece cut out.
I was like, "oh okay I'll just send them an email, it'll all be sorted out because the first time I ordered everything went well."
See the date? August 2012.
I didn't receive a reply for a week after that.
And then, of course, I sent them the picture.

They replied. The last reply I have ever gotten. No dates on when the restock was, no ETA of when I should get anything.
OK an apology though, yeah I'm definitely going to get a replacement soon! Right?
No. I sent an email a month after that, asking where it was.
And a month after that.
And you get the gist, the other day I sent a very angry email to them and still have gotten absolutely no reply whatsoever.
I ended up having to buy new lenses again on another site because I was fed up with waiting for lollylens to get their act together.
Please don't go through the trouble of buying from lollylens. They are such a waste of time. I mean, I know I got one good pair of lenses but seeing as they have no replying skills whatsoever, you're taking a really big risk.

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