Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cupboard + Rambling

Every time I have to find clothes in the morning it's like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Clothes Piles wtf

I use to have these super cute blue, pink and purple coathangers and they were metal and I was like "IT SHOULD BE TOTALLY FINE COME ON THEY ARE TOO CUTE TO RUIN MY CLOTHES". Ugh no not even close to true.
So I've been buying plastic ones every once in a while then realising I've STILL BOUGHT TOO LITTLE COATHANGERS. I tried to use shelves in my cupboard but that really only works for pants because I'll rip all my shirts out of the piles anyway to see what one it is. And my shoes are all shoved together because of that, seeing as the ones I wear the least are in a little pile next to my drawer.
I have so many jumpers/coats/etc~ that I have JUST enough coathangers for them and then I have like 5857906908546 shirts that are just shoved into little cubes wtf
I currently have no money (paid fortnightly wtf + saving for a trip) to buy more so I basically just chuck clothes everywhere and lay on the ground to die in the morning.
ugh I have too much outerwear BUT IT'S JUST SO CUTE AND IDK HOW TO NOT.
Every time I try to chuck clothes out I insta-regret it because I chuck stuff out that I wear too much wtf

I bought some of the new Etude House line. :)
I've ordered the Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base in #2 Berry Choux for pale skin, all 3 of the Candy Stick lip tints and all types of the Cupcake All Over Color.
I'm planning to buy the Chocolate Highlighter and the Chocolate Smudge Liners when I get paid (bc fuck coathangers when Etude House has a new line basically... except Etoinette. I still can't imagine paying for those OTL)
I also want all the Dear My Jelly Lips but idk when I'll be able to get them. ;A; oooh also the Cookie Pact, if I can find it. I don't really want the eyeshadow bc it's too much like Sweet Eye Cupcake. :/
And I'm not getting the nail polishes, even though they're cute, because I won't use them at all. haha

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