Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tonymoly Panda's Dream Good-bye Dark Eye Corrector

Stupid expensive concealer that doesn't work! YAY!
So, before picture, where I'm trying to cover the dark spots next to my eyes.
See? The blue~y parts? Yeah.
And after?

Things that work = not this concealer. This picture isn't as close because I was too lazy to get my actual camera, but the dark parts were soooo obviously still there when I used like triple the amount of concealer I needed. :< (also look here is a reference picture FOR HOW RED MY FACE IS WITHOUT MAKEUP NOOOO ;A; )

I'm not putting likes/dislikes here because I literally only have dislikes; it doesn't conceal shit and now I'm out $14 with no concealer and dark shit around my eyes still.
Don't buy it. Just don't. :>


I didn't wear my extensions because I had one class and didn't feel like putting them in just for an hour. :>
But I made my hair cute so yoooouuu knooowwww yay!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Black)

Supposedly waterproof and smudgeproof, apparently dries quickly and lasts all day.
Stop lying to me, internet.

I've been using it since I posted my first 'gets' post from Sydney Central and being super honest, I'm not happy with it. People were all like YAY WATERPROOF, SMUDGEPROOF, QUICK DRYING, STAYS ON FOR HOURS. But it really doesn't? Haha. I was so excited for this because I was like "Yeah! Japanese eyeliner is supposedly so much better!"

I paid $25 for this. It was a gigantic w a s t e.
Every time I touch my eyelashes to make sure they're still there, not rub, just touch, some eyeliner will come off. I had to redo my eyeliner about 3 times a day because it wouldn't stay on without being sweated off or anything and I don't sweat a lot at all. :<
I'm just so disappointed because I could've bought two different eyeliners at this price.

  • The packaging is cute, that is literally all I can think of.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Not smudgeproof.
  • Has to be reapplied to keep nice finish.
  • Costs a l o t.
  • A very small quantity inside.

Yeah, I don't know if it was just me because I looked up others reviews and they're all so happy with it... :<

OOTD/FOTD (from yesterday tbh shh)

I was wearing my aqua lenses but took them off after class. Hahahah. I also WAS wearing my boots but yeeaeahh. :> (also you can see on the inner edge of my eye that my eyeliner has been coming off :<)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tonymoly Prestige Carat Hologram Gloss #3 Gold Aura

First off, I'm not sure if I LIKE the smell or not? Because it smells kind of fruity but I can't figure out what type of fruity. /shot.
It smelt bad at first, but then okay... I just... Can't think of the fruit? Haha.
Anyway, it's not as gold as it says while on lips. ;~~~; maybe if you put a lipstick under it? /will test out later.
It comes out like this on lips, with like... A slight undertone of gold. And if you put more on, it just looks way too squishy and gross. ;~~; (this picture looks weird... it looks nicer when I'm not dumb with camera)
Comes out nice on my arm though. :> /paints arm sob

  • It's an okay enough lipgloss, it doesn't burn my lips or anything
  • It was also free LOL
  • I love the smell ;~~~;
  • It looks fancy as fuck
  • Doesn't turn up super gold on lips. I wanted to be a gold queen :<

Also, I'm going on a 'pub crawl' tonight (idk exactly what that is because I've never been on one) and I apologise in advance if I make another drunken review.

Tonymoly Petite Bunny Lipgloss #1 Juicy Strawberry, #2 Juicy Grape, #8 Neon Yellow & #9 Neon Red

The super cute lipglosses that I have wanted for ages! Yay! :>
Anyway, they are perfect and I love them omg ;u; I wish I didn't pull off the entire sticker off the first two I bought though, because it's now sticky in that area. ;~~~~~;
Here are swatches, in the order the lipglosses are in the top picture~
The neon red is my favourite, seeing as it comes out the pink~est. Haha. The Juicy Grape is more of a clear gloss, which is... OK but I don't know, not my favourite.
They all smell really, really nice though. ;u; /smells arm for rest of post LOL

  • if you don't like rabbits i don't like you (just kidding and also not kidding)
  • They smell so fruity ;uuu;
  • come in a range of colours! Choices, choices. ;~~~;
  • Around $5~10 depending on where you buy from 
  • cute faces omg and cute packaging~
  • As with all lipglosses, they need reapplying after eating or drinking~
OOTD, OOTY?, OOT... last night? LOL and FOTD/FOTY

YesterDAY+closeup of cute stud~y things. :>

Last night~ (FOTD stolen from instagram, I forgot to take one ;AAAAA; ) I wore minimal makeup because I didn't have time for lenses and lashes. /sobs. I wish I took a back picture of this dress, it has a super cute cage kind of thing :>

OOTD and FOTD! Yay! Hahah. I'm going back to wearing lenses again as long as my eyes don't stay all red and veiny ;~~~; because that scares me. sobs. And yes, I gave in to the bone tight fad. ;u;
And I'm in love with these brown contacts omg, it looks normal enough compared to my others and I get to keep my natural~ish eye colour. ;u; !! (my fotd picture looks so derpy though omg)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tonymoly Crystal Blusher #04 Milkybar Violet & #09 Pink Jubilee

I'm honestly just getting these names from the Konglish on the back of the blushers, so I'm not 100% on how right they are. haha.
Anyway, since I needed more blusher, ofc cheap Tonymoly stuff is OK, right? Noooooooope. ;u;
Well kind of nope? I love the purple one, but the pink one won't show up on my skin at all. ;A;
Pink is on the left, purple on the right. The purple turned up fairly well in all photos, but for the goddamn life of me I cannot get the pink on camera. It's also very, very light in person too.
For the purple, you can just use one swipe on the blusher to get colour and it'll come out nicely on you, but the pink takes about 5 tries to even get a light colouring? I'm definitely in love with the purple though. It's wonderful. ;u;

  • The purple is a wonderful colour!
  • Only costs about $8 I think? If I remember properly.
  • Purple is cute pls ;u;
  •  Cute packaging~
  • Good if you want cheap purple blusher

  • The pink doesn't turn up well, hard to get colour out of it.
  • Doesn't come with an applicator (luckily i have extras ;~~; )

I don't know, just don't buy the pink unless your skin is darker than mine. ;~~~;
Well, I don't know if it was my skin or just the blusher tbh. I don't know. ;A;

I bought this super cute skull shirt yesterday along with my new black shorts and another top that I'm planning to wear tomorrow~ ;u;

Tonymoly Mini Bunny Hand Cream Sweet Pink

I have a lot of Tonymoly reviews and not many Etude ones because I'm still waiting for my Sweet Recipe stuff to arrive. :< sobs
Anyway, this is suuuuper cute hand cream and I honestly just wanted to try it because it had bunnies on it. /shot
I chose the pink one because it's cuter tbh c:
And I also do not regret reviewing lipstick whilst drunk because I really didn't like that lipstick.

Anyway! This is my new favourite hand cream and I feel sorry for my Missing U ones because now I'll never use them. /shot

  • It smells reaaaally good~! Kind of... fruity? I'm not sure how to describe it ;~~;
  • Cute!
  • It has bunnies on it come on
  • It's the same amount of product as Etude's Missing U hand creams with the bonus of not sticking your hand in a tub and making it unsanitary.
  • It doesn't stay oily for ages, unlike missing u hand creams
  • it's cheap! :> i think like $6-7 or something?
  • It's so cute that I wanna cuddle it
  • My only real dislike is that I didn't buy this sooner.

Tonymoly CatChu Wink Lipstick #7 Salmon Pink

IT DOES THAT WEIRD THING WHERE IT LIKE... BEADS UP IF YOU PUT LIPGLOSS ON? so i don't enjoy it very much and i feel it was  a waste of money

it looks cute in piuctures but that shit lies to yo face brother
idk this is ost probably the right picture
i'm removing the picture because idk which one hthat is and i don't wanna take a picture bc this shit stinks ass
it could be wrong
but yeah


  • i mean it's a slightly cute colour
  • but also orangey piunk
  • and that shit suit no bitch
  • i don't wanna fix up those dots
  • this is a shit colour fuck
  • it's about the same as dear my lipstick
  • go with dear my
  • that shit is awesome fucking shit
  • go with it
  • not this catchu stuff
  • go for all cats tonymoly stuff but lip peroduct
  • lip product sucks
  • okay beye
 ootd u no
fuck i haven't worn makeup for days
shit be balls

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Makeup & Beauty tag. :>

I'm just so bored and this blog is pretty much the only thing I can do apart from tumblr until school starts. OTL
I'm sorry, this is pretty boring.
Blush or bronzer?
Blush. When I rarely use it ;~~~; /bad
Lipgloss or lipstick?
Can I go vaguely in between and choose tint? orz
But being serious, lip gloss, usually.
Eyeliner or mascara?
This is another one of those 'choose both things' questions and it hurts me. It hurts.
I use both equally. Don't even wanna.
Foundation or concealer?
Concealer is my bffl.
Neutral or colour-eyeshadow?
I usually just go neutral because colour always looks funny on me with eyeliner and such.
Brushes or sponges?

Long or short?
I love long but after my short stint in hospitality before I came over to Sydney, my nails keep breaking so they're currently short.
Acrylic or natural?
 I really want to get acrylic nails but they're currently natural because I'm not sure where to get them done. haha
Brights or darks?
Darks are pretty fun.

Perfume or bodysplash?
Lotion or body butter?
I am going to say neither because I don't understand the difference or really what these are. /bad
Bodywash or soap?
Bodywash. Definitely.

Curly or straight?
Everything is good. But when I wear extensions it's usually wavy.
Bun or ponytail?
Buns are fun.
Hairspray or gel?
Hairspray, not that I use it much, but hairspray.
Long or short?
Long hair is my favourite thing.
Light or dark?
I enjoy dark hair but I really want lighter hair.
Not that it'd look very nice but you know.
Side swept or full bangs?
Side swept because full bangs look ridiculous on my face because my face is round and sad.
Up or down?
Uh... Halfsies?

Jeans or sweatpants?
I literally hate sweatpants.
Long or short-sleeve?
It really depends on the weather. But I rather short sleeve.
Dresses or skirts?
Dresses. It means I don't need to find a nice top that will match.
Stripes or plaid?
Flip-flops or sandals?
Neither of these options are boots.
Scarves or hats?
Hats make my head 200x bigger.
Studs or dangly earrings?
I can't manage to get my earring out right now, but I'm going to say dangly because they're cute.
Necklaces or bracelets?
Heels or flats?
Again, neither of these options are boots therefore I don't wear them.
Jacket or hoodie?
... Can I say cardigan? I don't know. ;~~;

Tonymoly CatChu Wink Tony Tint #3 Orange Chacha

Despite my infinite love for my Tonymoly tint in Cherry Pink, I don't really like the Catchu one? I really wanted the orange one because I assumed it would be wondrous, but it doesn't last half as long as my Cherry Pink one. I absolute loooooooove the colour, but it comes off straight after I eat. :<

excuse un~makeup'd face pls :<
Above picture is with the tint and how I usually do it when I wear the red, with clear gloss on top, which is lovely but hardly seen in pictures ;~~~~; It doesn't last half as long as the Cherry Pink one. :<

  • Super cute container!
  • Really wonderful colour
  • Fairly cheap
  • Tints are the most natural look, especially if you want something cute~
  • SMELLS nice
  • This does NOT last if you eat or drink, it comes straight off. Not what tints are meant to do. :<
  •  tastes like death and destruction tbh
I suggest, if you want to try tints, to try the Red Apple/Cherry Pink Tonymoly tints~ They're an older series, but are muuuuch more efficient in being good tints. c:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

G-g-gets. ;~~;

Myself and three other housemates went to central today. ;~~~;
How was I meant to not buy stuff? CRIES

Anyway, I needed a new bag because mine is breaking, so fair enough.
I wanted to buy more of the Petite Bunny glosses and I really want to try out Mini Bunny hand cream. /shot for making excuses tbh

Also I love octopus as much as I love bunnies. ;u; SO REASONS FOR EVERYTHING I GUESS
and the lady gave me a trial of tomatox face moisturizer? I guess because I didn't wear makeup today my face must have been awful /cries
OH I ALSO GOT A lipgloss holder thingy? idk the name hahah
but I've put in daily use glosses, lipsticks and concealer and lash glue, etc~ and stuff I want to review in it~ :>
It's super cute omg ;~~~~~~;

OOTD (no fotd because I didn't wear makeup haha)
Last night I was looking at pictures and realised that I really wanted to wear these tights even if it was hot. :<
I also wore my boots but I didn't want to put them on just for a photo. /shot
I'm also still questing for Sydney friends so please come to me. ;A;

Friday, February 15, 2013

Tonymoly Kiss Lover Lip Plumper #2 Mint

This is one of my impulse buys from the Tonymoly store and I will say now, THIS IS NOT A GOOD REVIEW. I don't have any pictures with it on because as soon as I put it on, my lips felt like they were burning. Even when I had lipstick under it, they felt like they were burning. I'm not sure if it was just the fact that I chose mint or if it's meant to do that, but I'd rather not fork out another $10 to figure it out. It had literally no plumping effect unless I was meant to burn my lips and my lips were meant to puff out because of that? Either way, I'd highly suggest NOT BUYING THIS AT ALL.
It's clear too.
So just buy a normal clear lipgloss and you're set. No burning, no unhappiness, just wonderful clear lipgloss.

  • wow I literally have none
  •  why are my lips burning?
  • It costed a fair bit for this
  • as soon as you take the brush out, it empties basically half of the bottle
  • just don't buy it unless you want your lips to burn.


I'm sorry I can never figure out how pictures work on blogspot... Like how do I move them omg
I just went out like halfway through the blogpost and walked basically nowhere because we failed finding centrelink omg
Also I'm not wearing lenses for a few days/a week to give my eyes a break ;~~~~;

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tonymoly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar #2 Momo Fruity

This is another product that I want all types of. ;~~~; It's also one of those ones I've been questioning buying online but haven't gotten around to it just because I can't be bothered. LOL
It's super cute and smells wonderful. It really is fruity. ;uu; yay! A product that does not lie! (looking at you sweet cotton candy :<)
I wanted the pink or white one to match my moist mist but I liked this ones smell much more~

  • Smells kinda like grapefruit? idk smells NICE
  • It's cute. Look at its little bow tie.
  • It's teeny, so you can take it everywhere~
  • It lasts for ages~
  • I want to kiss it because it's so cute omfg

  • It was $15 ;~~~;
  • It's hard to open.

I'm sorry this is short, I literally do not have anything else to say. OTL

I really want to hang out with someone and go somewhere but my roommates are all out and I have no other friends in Sydney. LOL.
Someone please be my friend here, I'll buy us pizza for dinner, OK~? (please??? Look I'm begging! Do it ;A; ~)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek (RD414)

I bought this because I've seen a lot of bloggers hyping it up over the last few months or so, it was a complete impulse buy, it was $29 in a store in Sydney, I know I could've gotten it for less online but I didn't feel like waiting. ;~~~;
Although I have a COMPLETE DISLIKE FOR BLUSHER BECAUSE I just no, no thank you. I wanted to try it because... Look at how cute it is! ;A;

I did, however, put it on, take a picture, flip out and take it off because I was like NOPE TOO CUTE ABORT THE MISSION ABORT
This is such a wonderful blusher though omg. I like it more than my Etude one /shot~~~
It's suuuuuuuper pigmented and comes out well from just a tiny brush of it. ;u;

  • Super pigmented!
  • Makes my cheeks super cute omg
  • the puff is super cute~ but i didn't get a picture
  • It's suuuuper expensive ;~~~;
  • only 7g for $20~29 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sydney Central Gets~

Amy and I braved the trains today~ ;u; (aka Amy did because I couldn't figure anything out... please never ask me for directions...) Mostly because I got paid for the work I did at The Crepe Cafe and kind of because we were both really bored.
And Tonymoly.
The Tonymoly store is like my most favourite thing about Sydney right now. Since I bought over $100 worth of stuff they gave me a free lipgloss and BB Cream cleanser. ;uuuuu; y-you guys want me to come back, don't you? I WILL. TAKE ALL MY MONEY, OKAY. ;A;
Anyway, what I got... /cries
 Forgive me... It won't un~rotate itself. ;A;
I bought uh...First, from Tonymoly, Cats Wink Lipstick in #7 Salmon Wink, Catchu Wink 'Tony Tint' in #3 Orange Chacha, Fruit Princess Gloss in #4, Hello Bunny Perfume Bar in #2 Momo Fruity, Kiss Lover Lip Plumper #2 Hoot Mint, Backstage Sure Tint #1 Tiara Pink, Panda's Dream Good-bye Dark Eye Concealer, Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in #9 Neon Red & #2 Juicy Grape, Crystal Blusher in #9 Pink Jubilee & #4 Milkybar Violet and then I received UV Sunset BB Cream Cleansing foam and Prestige Cara Hologram Gloss in #3 Gold Aura. SOBS YOU SEE WHY I GOT THINGS FREE? /shot (also I do buy too many lip products but they're my favourite type of makeup. ;u; ~)
We then went into Paddy's Market and I was pretty much like THAT STORE IS MY CALLING /shot
And then I got new contacts, yay! I bought blue ones, that I can't try until I buy a new lens case, brown ones and pink ones which I'll be wearing tomorrow~ C: I also got bottom and top eyelashes from the same store and new eyelash glue. ^^
I also bought Sunny's version of I Got A Boy because I couldn't find Yuri's in the store and a SNSD IGAB patch. ;u;
Aaaaand then we were walking around and I spotted a store that had Japanese cosmetics orz
And bought Dollywink Liquid Liner in what I assume is black and Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek in some sort of red? LOL /can't read Japanese ;~~~~~; I was really disappointed when I opened the Puff de Cheek and it was so EMPTY. I didn't realise it was only 7g because it cost me $25~ish. ;a;

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway that was really long but I'm most likely reviewing all that in due time sooooooooooooooooooooo gijiojisighosiheiofdj sh. ;u;


Nooooo my eyes look really weird. ;A;
And bonus of me attempting to figure out if my extensions looked dumb down or not (they did)

Tonymoly Cats Wink Shiny Skin Base (Peach)

So, after much convincing, my parents took me to the Tonymoly store when we got to Sydney because I "super really duper need these really badly"... Which I do. LOL
I haven't owned a base in so long because I was too lazy to get one shipped out to me. Hahahaha. And I didn't wear makeup often enough because I was sitting inside all day every day. ;u;
I'm reviewing the base today because I wore it from 10AM - 7PM under my, surprise surprise, Cats Wink BB Cream and Cats Wink Pact. LMFAO. ;U;

 Every review made me assume the base was as big as the BB Cream but it's a little smaller LOL

omfg though, so going back to the Tonymoly Sydney store, I thought it'd be wwaaayyy overpriced, but it's pretty much what I spend when I buy it on the internet, and it's only a train ride away from me now. c:

I basically looked like this all day;
Apart from my left eyelash attempting to detach itself wtf.
This base is a godsend oh my god ;u; (lol just because I haven't had one for ages and have to reapply a few times a day!)
Cats Wink products are my favourite ever, wooow, I'm not even joking. I use the BB cream, pact, base and mascara on a daily basis. And the gloss and tint every other day. OTL (Etude House bias, use tonymoly so much more? LOL)

  • Lasted nine hours. No need for retouching at all. 
  • Super cute. ;u; (auto-like for tonymoly and etude haha)
  • Cheap! $8 on ebay, $11 in the Tonymoly Sydney Shop
  • Only need a small bit to cover your face~
  • I only bought it now wtf

ft. some of my room that I'll do a blogpost about sometime idk
I wore this when I went to enrol in uni and such~ ;u;
Also I've become friends with my housemates~! Yay! :'D

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I'm moving to Sydney~!

I'm sorry for the lack of makeup updates but over the last few days I've been contacted by a uni in Sydney, I'd received a final round offer and then I was like "... Fuck. I need accommodation."
So the last two days I was like frantically messaging and applying for places and I've gotten one! I'm moving in on the 11th. So very, very soon! :)
 It's a five bedroom apartment, but you get your own bathroom in your room, the only shared thing is the kitchen and loungeroom, there's also a room downstairs which I really hope I don't get because I don't wanna be all lonely downstairs. :<

If anyone from Sydney reads my blog AT ALL PLEASE BE MY FRIEND because I literally have no friends in Sydney and I am going to be so lost. ;A;

OK that's it.
I'll resume makeup~ing when I'm settled at uni.