Friday, January 11, 2013

What's in my makeup bag~

 AKA things I carry around because I use them the most orz /shot. So as you can see, three things cannot fit in my makeup bag but... I use those the most SO THEY HAVE TO STAY ;A;
My makeup bag looks teeny tiny, right? It really, really isn't. I'm not even sure how I fit all this stuff o m g.
Anyway, I got it as a Christmas gift from my parents since I was using this tiny pouches that held like nothing and since I'm a giant hoarder, I definitely need so many things in my makeup bag. bahahaha. Oh, it was from Target, if anyone was wondering.

OK, I bought my eyelash uh... container? From a dollar store here for $3.50... They actually like triple charged me on my purchase and I ended up paying $30 for this + paintbrushes and I keep forgetting to go back and I don't think it's valid to get a refund anymore? So I dunno. I just... Won't care... sobs. I'm not sure if I can go back, really. ;;; Oh yeah, I think it said it must be within 2 weeks of purchase? But then idk how it works for charging extra. ;;;; IDK cries I'll stop now.
 Anyway, I have my etude house lash glue in there from some old lashes, seeing as it's the glue that seems to work the best and my blue lashes (which I have literally never worn why are they in there???) and another of my cheap pairs~ It's super cute and I love it. ;u;
 So I have... Some makeup removing pads, my tweezers, eyelash curlers, Liole Quick Point Eraser (omg my love tbh ;a; ) and Elizabeth Arden Eye & Lip remover~
 Then I have my travel lens case, my Rohto Lycee eye drops, Sweet Cake Fragrance by Etude House, Cats Wink BB cream & Powder and Etude House blusher in #2 Strawberry Choux.

 And since I can't be bothered carrying around big brushes, I bought some travel brushes from Sephora when I was in America and tbh, I use these more than regular sized brushes. orz
 Then I have my Cats Wink mascara, Etude House Sweet Eye Cupcake in banana/chocolate?, Oh~ m' Eye Liner, eye primer & Tear Eye Liner #1 & L'oreal Kohl liner,
 And I'm not sure why I have so many lip products in there but YOU KNOW THAT'S OK. There's my Dear My lipstick in PK006, Cats Wink gloss, Cats Wink Crazy Lip Tint, Chapstick orz ~ uh strawberry fanta clear gloss (shh it's the easiest to apply~), Shini Star lip balm in Bling Bling J so I assume that means Jonghyun's signature is at the bottom of it /chose randomly ;a; and Tonymoly Cherry Pink lip tint.
... And yes I have two hand creams sob THEY'RE TOO CUTE TO NOT TAKE? They're both Etude House Missing U hand creams, the panda is, yes, peach, and the bee is... Well, honey. They do smell like their respective smells also... which is so lovely omfg.
And my tonymoly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist for dry skin (my face is super dry in the morning ;a; )

AND THAT'S IT and I'm still unsure as to how it all fits but this is basically a reference post for what I wear regularly. orz
I feel you can all see my favourites now. sobs ETUDE AND TONYMOLY I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH??? SO MANY CUTE THINGS and nice things and I just cannot with all the cute. ;n;

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