Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Venus Eye Wine Red

I bought these after I'd seen a few reviews on them and they've quickly become my daily~wear contacts. ;u;
They're not too enlarging and since my eyes are dark, the red isn't way too overbearing and doesn't make people question if they're real or not. haha

Left ~ without, right ~ with. I couldn't get many great pictures that day but I mostly wear them. LOL as long as I wear makeup, I usually wear these. c:

  • really nice colour
  • somehow more comfortable than venus eye aqua orz
  • cheap~ish
  • still fairly enlarging
  • not a super out there colour on dark eyes
  • i really don't have any wtf
 Venus Eye contacts are definitely the best omg ;uuuu; prettiest colours~~ (buy them)

OOTD yesterday & today


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