Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Venus Eye Aqua~

Venus Eye Aqua from Pinkyparadise~
So I received these aaaages ago and they're my second favourite pair of contacts. (mostly for the colour orz).

They're a suuuuuuuuuuper cute colour that I can't really get across because my eyes are dark, dark brown and they're fairly enlarging which is great. ;u;

As all contacts, you do need eyedrops! Especially in dry/air conditioned places~ I use these eyedrops from Pinkyparadise as well~ They make my eyes feel better after being in those kinds of places and are good for redness after taking out contacts/irritation from a contact not going in and having to poke your eyes repeatedly because it's too eaaarly in the moooorning ;A; ~  Ow. ;u;

Anyway, they're not really everyday contacts? Like I only
wear these on special occasions/when I want bigger eyes. orz they're just a liiittle too big for daily wear. Pretty though, nonetheless. c:

To be honest, it's only about 3/5 on the comfortable scale because some of pinkyparadise's lenses slip slightly on my eyes if I move them too fast, whereas I have higher end contacts that stay in place all day.

I would suggest trying them out if you want a really pretty aqua contacts. ;u; I know they're pretty popular already, though~

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