Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tonymoly Catchu Wink products~

 So, my actual absolute favourite cosmetics of all time are definitely Tonymoly Cats Wink products~ I currently only have the Shiny Skin BB Cream, Clear Pact, #1 Volume Long Lash Mascara, Crazy Tint stick in "Crazy Blue" and the gloss in... I think it's Bling Bling Red?
I'm hoping to try out the lipsticks, primer and their base at some point. ^^

OK, anyway~
The top two pictures are w/ the mascara and curling, I used it on both top and bottom lashes and I don't know how to say anything bad about this because I love this product so much orz (pls ignore my unplucked eyebrows, I didn't notice until now sobs)

I didn't buy the curling mascara because I already had an eyelash curler and my eyelashes aren't all that flat, so~
This mascara tends to last me throughout the day as long as I don't rub my eyes too much. ;u;

These next two are without mascara and curling~ c:
 ~look at all the difference tho~ ;u;

I would suggest trying out this mascara, especially if you love cats as much as I do? ahahahhah. No, but really, despite being super duper cute, it's actually really good. Buy it. ;u;
 Next is~ Crazy Lip Tint in Crazy Blue~ And the gloss, which I don't know the real name of.

OK so I swatched the tint three times seeing as the number of times you swatch it on your lips, the darker it will get. (obviously going 1, 2, 3 from L-R and then the gloss orz). It smells like melon and I've been smelling my arm for the last ten minutes to be honest. ;A; It usually lasts me throughout meals, but I do reapply every once in a while so I know I still look pretty. ;A; l o l
It's pretty wonderful though and smells so g o o d omfg. Like melon?
     Then there's the gloss~     which has the nicest like... Berry smell? I'm not good at smells but o m g these both smell so wonderful. I love them so much. D: And as with all lipgloss, it does tend to rub off with food, so do reapply it~ And one coat with it turns out a really lovely red colour~ C:
I didn't put on the BB cream and powder today because I was far too lazy, but I do wear it nearly all the time (except in my lens review? shhhhh so I'll probably point out when I'm wearing it next~)                                                         
And here are camwhore shots, okay~

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