Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sephora Long Lasting Eyeliner in Dark Brown~

I also bought this when I was in America but haven't used it until now~ I was like OH GOD BROWN IS GONNA LOOK SO AWFUL ON ME???
But it ended up being basically black. #should'verealiseddarkbrownisbasicallyblack
red makes me look even whiter yay ;a;
I did it tighter than I usually do my black because I was like "NEED TO BE ABLE TO GET IT OFF QUICKLY IF IT LOOKS HORRIBLE AND NOT POST PICTURES OF MYSELF". But it ended up looking OK.

These are my very bad shots under my lamp and under my normal light~ YEAH IT'S PRETTY MUCH BLACK THANKS FOR LYING TO ME SEPHORA 10/10.

  • idk i have ANOTHER BLACK LINER

  • it isn't even brown omfg you are such liars sephora wts
  • i'm pretty sure this was expensive
  • it's my fault for not testing iT BUT IT SAID BROWN OKAY
  • i need another brown eyeliner now
  • it looks gigantic but the liner is in the black part only wtf 

Then I was like MAYBE IT'S JUST MY MASCARA THAT'S PUTTING IT OFF ?????? But it's still pretty much black on my hand. It's really only the tiniest bit of brown.
If anyone can suggest an ACTUAL BROWN EYELINER then I will love you forever. ;u;

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