Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last few days~

a picture of my mother and brothers backs because i couldn't get them to take a picture with me orz
Under a cut for your happiness.

I'm sorry I haven't been makeup~posting but I'm just so lazy? sobs
But anyway, I actually went outside and did stuff the last few days, which isn't a usual thing.
First was on Saturday, where my mum told me I should come to the movies with her an hour after she had told me and I was still in bed, but I managed to somehow magically get ready in time. /cries
Except I forgot makeup but um... /still cries
And my brother ended up having the day off and coming along too; we ended up seeing The Quartet which was surprisingly good? Like idk we don't usually let my mother pick the movies. /gets stabbed
outfit ;u;
 I was like "let me just embarrass everyone by being 19 and wearing overalls this will be SO GOOD" but I don't want to not wear them because look at that cute pocket look at it IT'S A HEART. Anyway... Here are pictures of my super cute bracelets because I haven't worn them in forever/any bracelet in forever.

And uhhh... That night I also went to my friends very early birthday party at PJ O'Reilly's, which was good, her friends were nice. ;u; I didn't take any pictures there either orz
but here's my outfit cries
I think I mostly just don't take many pictures with people because I'm not comfortable with it/they aren't orz
pls come to me selca~friends. ;A;
Aaaanyway, her friends were suuuuper duper nice even though I am super awkward in person and you know, they still talked to me. The bar had awful live music though and I ended up smelling like cigarettes when I came home.

I also ended up washing my dogs yesterday~ Because it'd been like two weeks since I had and they were beginning to smell like they'd peed on each other repeatedly. All. Day. ;A;

And then I played River King... Pretty much up until now.
And I'm going to go play again/possibly try to do some sort of awful tutorial where you'll all judge my makeup skills even more orz /~judging myself~/

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