Thursday, January 17, 2013

Etude House Sweet Eye Cupcake Banana & Chocolate

I know I'm reviewing old stuff but seeing as I do not currently have money for new makeup, I decided my makeup favourites would be good for now. ;~~~~; because they are so cute omg

Oh wow I just got the name holy crap that took me so long wtf sweet eye cupcake OKAY fuck I mean... I was always like "Why is eye in there?" durhur Shu is dumb as fuck omg

Anyway, this is my usual eyeshadow, seeing as I don't like to wear colours on my eyes all too much unless I'm wearing something super cute~ ;uuu;
It has two colours, obviously gold and brown being banana and chocolate. ohohoho Etude I see what you are doing.

lmao but anyway REALLY the gold is my favourite, it doesn't turn up on my hand very well because I may have accidentally mixed it with brown because I didn't watch where I was putting my brush. /cries
pls pls ignore my brown streaked gold cries
Taken under my lamp because it's kind of dark right now~
The top two are without primer, the bottom two with. I REALLY SUGGEST USING PRIMER. It not only makes your colours darker, but makes your eyeshadow last much, much longer! The gold is usually darker than this on my eyes but seeing as I don't wanna put makeup on... No. ;u; ~ 

  • fuck eyeshadow lasts forever wow
  • they're subtle colours~
  • good for everyday use ;u;
  • it's super cute??
  • It's only two colours
  • even though it lasts for ages it's still $7 for each thing and I know I can get some cheap palette for near that that has many, many colours, ;~~~;
  • i accidentally mixed my brown and gold /sob
In other news, I'm really excited for this Sweet Recipe stuff between SHINee and f(x)?  Like, I assume it means new makeup which is very yay~worthy. ;uu; (I still need Etoinette stuff though! I am so late with it! ;A; )

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