Friday, January 25, 2013

Etude House Pink Candy Sweet Cake Fragrance

I will admit that I bought this because it was super cute and looked like a lollipop (I'm sorry I didn't keep the stick orz), but it's my favourite travel~friendly perfume. ;u;
It's got the cutest little mirror inside and the cutest powder design~ (I have used some and it somehow got dust on it but it's still, obviously, good to use. ;u;~)

  • Super cute packaging!
  • It's travel friendly
  • There's a lot in it~
  • It's only about $11.
  • Smells good~ (I can't identify what it actually smells like? It's not a super bad smell?)
  • Lasts ages~
  • I really don't have any.
So, especially if you travel a lot, you should buy it~ because I know you can't take deodorant cans on planes and I know I'm always like "I'M GOING TO BE SMELLY WHEN I GET OFF!". But this makes me less angsty. Haha.(Plus it's cute~ Don't resist the cute. ;u; )

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