Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Etude House Missing U "I Can Fly!" Handcream

Sweet Cotton Candy, Peach Peach Peach, Very Berry Cherry, Sunny Sunny Apple.
I thought I would be suuuper impressed with all of these but the Sweet Cotton Candy one let me down. :(
That was the one I wanted in the first place as well wtf
The apple one is by far my favourite, it's wonderful. ;u; (buy this one ok~~)
The Very Berry Cherry is OK too, it smells kind of like baby powder; not entirely 'berry cherry' haha.
Peach Peach Peach smells just like the panda one from one of their previous lines.
And the Sweet Cotton Candy smells like sunscreen. ugh. Do not want. :(

  • cutest packaging by far~
  • Sunny Sunny Apple is such a wonderful smell~ so fruity ;u;
  • Only around $8~$10 and money goes towards endangered animals
  • everyone loves owls come on
  • i dislike whoever decided sunscreen smelt like sweet cotton candy
  • they're so cute that i want to hug them all day
  • fuck sweet cotton candy

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