Saturday, January 12, 2013

Etude House Missing U Hand Cream Bee Happy! #2 Honey Bee - Acasia Tea Flavour

OK, so by far the Missing U series of handcreams are absolutely my favourite handcreams ever. fgjhsdgdc
Like, they're all super cute animals and they all smell nice~ What's not to love. ;a;
OK but really,

  • They're just so cuuute omfg ;a;
  • They're really moisturising~
  • They smell /so/ good~
  • They're only 30ml~ So they fit in small bags, so you don't have to carry big things of hand lotion~
  • It lasts a while~ (even though I am wtf'ing at price)
  • Everyone is jealous of your super cute lotion

  • They're $10 for 30ml wtf 
  • Your hands will be oily for about ten minutes after you put it on
  • This one seems to be more... waxy? Than my panda one of the same brand

OK so only three cons and a bunch of pro's that may or may not be related to hOW MUCH I LOVE CUTE MAKEUP OH GOD. I do really like the soft kind of lotion more than the waxy one, which is why I loved my panda one more but this still smells nice and has the same effect afterwards... It's just weird to get out of the container. D:
To be honest~ I suggest any of the Missing U hand creams. Like, even though they're $10 the panda one has lasted me around a year and I use it every morning~ (I'm now onto this one ohoho) I'm also getting the I Can Fly! (already bought~) and hopefully the rest of these series since they're all so cute/good. c: (And also super cute to take pictures with... Did I mention they were super cute? orz)

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