Friday, January 4, 2013

Etude House Dear My lipstick & Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips~

So, my favourite Lipsticks; Dear My Blooming Lips-talk and... not as favourite but I may as well review it anyway~ Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips~ c:
First are the Dear My lipsticks, I bought uh...
 OR207. RD302 & PK006~ To be honest, I chose randomly because I liked all the colours and I wanted one from each colour section. ;A;

So far I don't have a favourite for the three colours because they're just sooooo nice. D:
And they all have these cute little heart designs with a crown on the lipstick itself, which there's actually a picture of a little bit down. orz
They still don't last very well with food, but I don't know what else you'd expect with lipstick. ;;;
 They also don't smell like much, unlike the Miss Tangerine Tangerine gloss, which smells... Like tangerines lmfao ;a; which is suuuuper nice but just... I don't really like how creamy it is? I mean, it's kind of nice but the tube always looks messy. ;;;;
I think it's mostly because it's summer here and it is ssuuuuper hot because I've seen other reviews of it where it hasn't turned out funny and squishy. ;;; So I'll try it again in winter! I ended up trying it out on my lips instead of my arm like with the lipsticks because it went on my arm funny. :C
 Both types of lipstick are both packaged really cute though~ But then the Miss Tangerine doesn't go back in... I kind of made that mistake. orz
I mean it had a label but I was like "Better not pay attention to it" sobs

Super cute heart! ;uuu; ughghrhg I really love it bahaha.
 DON'T PUT THE TUBE OUT THIS FAR IT GOES ALL ICKY and squished and I thought this was a normal amount to push it out but no. ;a; /idiot basically sob
 PK006, RD302, OR207~ c:
These are taken under a lamp though~ They're less shiny under natural light but I couldn't seem to get a non blurry one under natural light. ;a;
 Okay so Miss Tangerine Tangerine isn't a super bold colour but it's pretty cute. ;a; but then I don't like super moist lipsticks... I guess this is more like... A lipgloss lipstick? wtf ahahah

Even though I'm not a huge fan of Miss Tangerine, I still do want to try out the other colours... Maybe in Winter though... To see if it's a heat thing. ;; but I don't know. ahahaha.
I definitely know I want maaany more Dear My lipsticks. ;uuu; /try all the colours~

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