Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Etude House Missing U "I Can Fly!" Handcream

Sweet Cotton Candy, Peach Peach Peach, Very Berry Cherry, Sunny Sunny Apple.
I thought I would be suuuper impressed with all of these but the Sweet Cotton Candy one let me down. :(
That was the one I wanted in the first place as well wtf
The apple one is by far my favourite, it's wonderful. ;u; (buy this one ok~~)
The Very Berry Cherry is OK too, it smells kind of like baby powder; not entirely 'berry cherry' haha.
Peach Peach Peach smells just like the panda one from one of their previous lines.
And the Sweet Cotton Candy smells like sunscreen. ugh. Do not want. :(

  • cutest packaging by far~
  • Sunny Sunny Apple is such a wonderful smell~ so fruity ;u;
  • Only around $8~$10 and money goes towards endangered animals
  • everyone loves owls come on
  • i dislike whoever decided sunscreen smelt like sweet cotton candy
  • they're so cute that i want to hug them all day
  • fuck sweet cotton candy

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Venus Eye Wine Red

I bought these after I'd seen a few reviews on them and they've quickly become my daily~wear contacts. ;u;
They're not too enlarging and since my eyes are dark, the red isn't way too overbearing and doesn't make people question if they're real or not. haha

Left ~ without, right ~ with. I couldn't get many great pictures that day but I mostly wear them. LOL as long as I wear makeup, I usually wear these. c:

  • really nice colour
  • somehow more comfortable than venus eye aqua orz
  • cheap~ish
  • still fairly enlarging
  • not a super out there colour on dark eyes
  • i really don't have any wtf
 Venus Eye contacts are definitely the best omg ;uuuu; prettiest colours~~ (buy them)

OOTD yesterday & today


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sephora Long Lasting Eyeliner in Dark Brown~

I also bought this when I was in America but haven't used it until now~ I was like OH GOD BROWN IS GONNA LOOK SO AWFUL ON ME???
But it ended up being basically black. #should'verealiseddarkbrownisbasicallyblack
red makes me look even whiter yay ;a;
I did it tighter than I usually do my black because I was like "NEED TO BE ABLE TO GET IT OFF QUICKLY IF IT LOOKS HORRIBLE AND NOT POST PICTURES OF MYSELF". But it ended up looking OK.

These are my very bad shots under my lamp and under my normal light~ YEAH IT'S PRETTY MUCH BLACK THANKS FOR LYING TO ME SEPHORA 10/10.

  • idk i have ANOTHER BLACK LINER

  • it isn't even brown omfg you are such liars sephora wts
  • i'm pretty sure this was expensive
  • it's my fault for not testing iT BUT IT SAID BROWN OKAY
  • i need another brown eyeliner now
  • it looks gigantic but the liner is in the black part only wtf 

Then I was like MAYBE IT'S JUST MY MASCARA THAT'S PUTTING IT OFF ?????? But it's still pretty much black on my hand. It's really only the tiniest bit of brown.
If anyone can suggest an ACTUAL BROWN EYELINER then I will love you forever. ;u;

Friday, January 25, 2013

Etude House Pink Candy Sweet Cake Fragrance

I will admit that I bought this because it was super cute and looked like a lollipop (I'm sorry I didn't keep the stick orz), but it's my favourite travel~friendly perfume. ;u;
It's got the cutest little mirror inside and the cutest powder design~ (I have used some and it somehow got dust on it but it's still, obviously, good to use. ;u;~)

  • Super cute packaging!
  • It's travel friendly
  • There's a lot in it~
  • It's only about $11.
  • Smells good~ (I can't identify what it actually smells like? It's not a super bad smell?)
  • Lasts ages~
  • I really don't have any.
So, especially if you travel a lot, you should buy it~ because I know you can't take deodorant cans on planes and I know I'm always like "I'M GOING TO BE SMELLY WHEN I GET OFF!". But this makes me less angsty. Haha.(Plus it's cute~ Don't resist the cute. ;u; )

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Candy, Baby Beauty Rush "Spun Sugar and Warm Vanilla"

This is my favourite perfume. ;u;
I bought it while in America, but apparently it's already discontinued? wtf (according to the internet so I have noooo idea).
It's suuuper, super nice~ It literally just smells like cotton candy~
Anyway, it's 250ml/8.4fl oz~ So a really, really big amount. Usually the ones I buy are 75ml~100ml so this is perfect. ;u;
And I use it almost every day (I switch it out every once in a while with someone else~) and it's been since October, so idk it's not really depleting very much. hhahaha. It still might just be my problem where I use stuff so much slower than others even though I use everything every day. ;A;
I was also lucky enough to get it for $12, whereas ones on ebay are like $30 wtf

  • It's gigantic wtf
  • It's super cute ;u;
  • It was only $12 and if you're lucky enough to have a Victoria's Secret near you, it could also be that price for you (as long as it's really not discontinued sobs bc I love this so much)
  • Smell doesn't last aaaall day, but then again I've really not found anything that does for me
  • Pricier for people who don't have Victoria's Secret near them~

Basically, if you love smelling like a cute cotton candy ball then this is the perfume for you, as long as it really isn't discontinued because that is like heartbreaking news for me wtf

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last few days~

a picture of my mother and brothers backs because i couldn't get them to take a picture with me orz
Under a cut for your happiness.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm finally getting a new splint. ;u;

Due to the misfortune of um... Myself cleaning it and it snapping in half because I didn't know I wasn't meant to wash it in hot water... I haven't had a splint for like 6 months~
the unfortunate splint orz
Anyway, a splint is actually just a nightguard thing because I grind my teeth in my sleep hahahaha ha h a sobs
And my teeth have been very sad for the last six months (to a year? wow i haven't had it in ages to be honest...) because I couldn't be bothered paying $300 for a new one because fuck that.
But I finally did /cries
I guess $300 is better than bad teeth in the future? :C
But I still have to wait another two weeks for the new one... And my mouth still tastes like putty.

Etude House Sweet Eye Cupcake Banana & Chocolate

I know I'm reviewing old stuff but seeing as I do not currently have money for new makeup, I decided my makeup favourites would be good for now. ;~~~~; because they are so cute omg

Oh wow I just got the name holy crap that took me so long wtf sweet eye cupcake OKAY fuck I mean... I was always like "Why is eye in there?" durhur Shu is dumb as fuck omg

Anyway, this is my usual eyeshadow, seeing as I don't like to wear colours on my eyes all too much unless I'm wearing something super cute~ ;uuu;
It has two colours, obviously gold and brown being banana and chocolate. ohohoho Etude I see what you are doing.

lmao but anyway REALLY the gold is my favourite, it doesn't turn up on my hand very well because I may have accidentally mixed it with brown because I didn't watch where I was putting my brush. /cries
pls pls ignore my brown streaked gold cries
Taken under my lamp because it's kind of dark right now~
The top two are without primer, the bottom two with. I REALLY SUGGEST USING PRIMER. It not only makes your colours darker, but makes your eyeshadow last much, much longer! The gold is usually darker than this on my eyes but seeing as I don't wanna put makeup on... No. ;u; ~ 

  • fuck eyeshadow lasts forever wow
  • they're subtle colours~
  • good for everyday use ;u;
  • it's super cute??
  • It's only two colours
  • even though it lasts for ages it's still $7 for each thing and I know I can get some cheap palette for near that that has many, many colours, ;~~~;
  • i accidentally mixed my brown and gold /sob
In other news, I'm really excited for this Sweet Recipe stuff between SHINee and f(x)?  Like, I assume it means new makeup which is very yay~worthy. ;uu; (I still need Etoinette stuff though! I am so late with it! ;A; )

Monday, January 14, 2013

Etude House Shini Star Lip Balm Bling Bling J

I mean, I could talk about something that isn't Etude House or Tonymoly but I don't seem to have many favourites in any other brands. Ha ha ha. :C
So~ These are the limited edition lip balms that are SHINee x Etude House annnnd seeing as they're like $8-$10 I just got one... And chose randomly... And got Jonghyun. Like, I really want the others but seeing as I have too much lip gloss/balm/stick/tint I feel this is enough... And since I've had this for ages and still haven't used much, yeah.... Bad ideas~ (I really want them though sobs)

Maybe I just use stuff at a slower speed than everyone else. hahaha

  • Grapefruit is the best smell omfg I want to eat my lips
  • There's so much in there. ;A;
  • Super cute packaging!
  • Jonghyun's signature in the bottom ;u;
  • Finger application sobs
  • They're limited edition so you won't be able to get them after a while which makes me sad because I love this smell ;A; 
cries the package is so cute etude house let me love you please ;A;I know most people are just getting it for the signatures but holy shit I just love grapefruit so much ;A;

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Etude House Missing U Hand Cream Bee Happy! #2 Honey Bee - Acasia Tea Flavour

OK, so by far the Missing U series of handcreams are absolutely my favourite handcreams ever. fgjhsdgdc
Like, they're all super cute animals and they all smell nice~ What's not to love. ;a;
OK but really,

  • They're just so cuuute omfg ;a;
  • They're really moisturising~
  • They smell /so/ good~
  • They're only 30ml~ So they fit in small bags, so you don't have to carry big things of hand lotion~
  • It lasts a while~ (even though I am wtf'ing at price)
  • Everyone is jealous of your super cute lotion

  • They're $10 for 30ml wtf 
  • Your hands will be oily for about ten minutes after you put it on
  • This one seems to be more... waxy? Than my panda one of the same brand

OK so only three cons and a bunch of pro's that may or may not be related to hOW MUCH I LOVE CUTE MAKEUP OH GOD. I do really like the soft kind of lotion more than the waxy one, which is why I loved my panda one more but this still smells nice and has the same effect afterwards... It's just weird to get out of the container. D:
To be honest~ I suggest any of the Missing U hand creams. Like, even though they're $10 the panda one has lasted me around a year and I use it every morning~ (I'm now onto this one ohoho) I'm also getting the I Can Fly! (already bought~) and hopefully the rest of these series since they're all so cute/good. c: (And also super cute to take pictures with... Did I mention they were super cute? orz)

Friday, January 11, 2013

What's in my makeup bag~

 AKA things I carry around because I use them the most orz /shot. So as you can see, three things cannot fit in my makeup bag but... I use those the most SO THEY HAVE TO STAY ;A;
My makeup bag looks teeny tiny, right? It really, really isn't. I'm not even sure how I fit all this stuff o m g.
Anyway, I got it as a Christmas gift from my parents since I was using this tiny pouches that held like nothing and since I'm a giant hoarder, I definitely need so many things in my makeup bag. bahahaha. Oh, it was from Target, if anyone was wondering.

OK, I bought my eyelash uh... container? From a dollar store here for $3.50... They actually like triple charged me on my purchase and I ended up paying $30 for this + paintbrushes and I keep forgetting to go back and I don't think it's valid to get a refund anymore? So I dunno. I just... Won't care... sobs. I'm not sure if I can go back, really. ;;; Oh yeah, I think it said it must be within 2 weeks of purchase? But then idk how it works for charging extra. ;;;; IDK cries I'll stop now.
 Anyway, I have my etude house lash glue in there from some old lashes, seeing as it's the glue that seems to work the best and my blue lashes (which I have literally never worn why are they in there???) and another of my cheap pairs~ It's super cute and I love it. ;u;
 So I have... Some makeup removing pads, my tweezers, eyelash curlers, Liole Quick Point Eraser (omg my love tbh ;a; ) and Elizabeth Arden Eye & Lip remover~
 Then I have my travel lens case, my Rohto Lycee eye drops, Sweet Cake Fragrance by Etude House, Cats Wink BB cream & Powder and Etude House blusher in #2 Strawberry Choux.

 And since I can't be bothered carrying around big brushes, I bought some travel brushes from Sephora when I was in America and tbh, I use these more than regular sized brushes. orz
 Then I have my Cats Wink mascara, Etude House Sweet Eye Cupcake in banana/chocolate?, Oh~ m' Eye Liner, eye primer & Tear Eye Liner #1 & L'oreal Kohl liner,
 And I'm not sure why I have so many lip products in there but YOU KNOW THAT'S OK. There's my Dear My lipstick in PK006, Cats Wink gloss, Cats Wink Crazy Lip Tint, Chapstick orz ~ uh strawberry fanta clear gloss (shh it's the easiest to apply~), Shini Star lip balm in Bling Bling J so I assume that means Jonghyun's signature is at the bottom of it /chose randomly ;a; and Tonymoly Cherry Pink lip tint.
... And yes I have two hand creams sob THEY'RE TOO CUTE TO NOT TAKE? They're both Etude House Missing U hand creams, the panda is, yes, peach, and the bee is... Well, honey. They do smell like their respective smells also... which is so lovely omfg.
And my tonymoly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist for dry skin (my face is super dry in the morning ;a; )

AND THAT'S IT and I'm still unsure as to how it all fits but this is basically a reference post for what I wear regularly. orz
I feel you can all see my favourites now. sobs ETUDE AND TONYMOLY I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH??? SO MANY CUTE THINGS and nice things and I just cannot with all the cute. ;n;

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tonymoly Catchu Wink products~

 So, my actual absolute favourite cosmetics of all time are definitely Tonymoly Cats Wink products~ I currently only have the Shiny Skin BB Cream, Clear Pact, #1 Volume Long Lash Mascara, Crazy Tint stick in "Crazy Blue" and the gloss in... I think it's Bling Bling Red?
I'm hoping to try out the lipsticks, primer and their base at some point. ^^

OK, anyway~
The top two pictures are w/ the mascara and curling, I used it on both top and bottom lashes and I don't know how to say anything bad about this because I love this product so much orz (pls ignore my unplucked eyebrows, I didn't notice until now sobs)

I didn't buy the curling mascara because I already had an eyelash curler and my eyelashes aren't all that flat, so~
This mascara tends to last me throughout the day as long as I don't rub my eyes too much. ;u;

These next two are without mascara and curling~ c:
 ~look at all the difference tho~ ;u;

I would suggest trying out this mascara, especially if you love cats as much as I do? ahahahhah. No, but really, despite being super duper cute, it's actually really good. Buy it. ;u;
 Next is~ Crazy Lip Tint in Crazy Blue~ And the gloss, which I don't know the real name of.

OK so I swatched the tint three times seeing as the number of times you swatch it on your lips, the darker it will get. (obviously going 1, 2, 3 from L-R and then the gloss orz). It smells like melon and I've been smelling my arm for the last ten minutes to be honest. ;A; It usually lasts me throughout meals, but I do reapply every once in a while so I know I still look pretty. ;A; l o l
It's pretty wonderful though and smells so g o o d omfg. Like melon?
     Then there's the gloss~     which has the nicest like... Berry smell? I'm not good at smells but o m g these both smell so wonderful. I love them so much. D: And as with all lipgloss, it does tend to rub off with food, so do reapply it~ And one coat with it turns out a really lovely red colour~ C:
I didn't put on the BB cream and powder today because I was far too lazy, but I do wear it nearly all the time (except in my lens review? shhhhh so I'll probably point out when I'm wearing it next~)                                                         
And here are camwhore shots, okay~

Friday, January 4, 2013

Etude House Dear My lipstick & Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips~

So, my favourite Lipsticks; Dear My Blooming Lips-talk and... not as favourite but I may as well review it anyway~ Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips~ c:
First are the Dear My lipsticks, I bought uh...
 OR207. RD302 & PK006~ To be honest, I chose randomly because I liked all the colours and I wanted one from each colour section. ;A;

So far I don't have a favourite for the three colours because they're just sooooo nice. D:
And they all have these cute little heart designs with a crown on the lipstick itself, which there's actually a picture of a little bit down. orz
They still don't last very well with food, but I don't know what else you'd expect with lipstick. ;;;
 They also don't smell like much, unlike the Miss Tangerine Tangerine gloss, which smells... Like tangerines lmfao ;a; which is suuuuper nice but just... I don't really like how creamy it is? I mean, it's kind of nice but the tube always looks messy. ;;;;
I think it's mostly because it's summer here and it is ssuuuuper hot because I've seen other reviews of it where it hasn't turned out funny and squishy. ;;; So I'll try it again in winter! I ended up trying it out on my lips instead of my arm like with the lipsticks because it went on my arm funny. :C
 Both types of lipstick are both packaged really cute though~ But then the Miss Tangerine doesn't go back in... I kind of made that mistake. orz
I mean it had a label but I was like "Better not pay attention to it" sobs

Super cute heart! ;uuu; ughghrhg I really love it bahaha.
 DON'T PUT THE TUBE OUT THIS FAR IT GOES ALL ICKY and squished and I thought this was a normal amount to push it out but no. ;a; /idiot basically sob
 PK006, RD302, OR207~ c:
These are taken under a lamp though~ They're less shiny under natural light but I couldn't seem to get a non blurry one under natural light. ;a;
 Okay so Miss Tangerine Tangerine isn't a super bold colour but it's pretty cute. ;a; but then I don't like super moist lipsticks... I guess this is more like... A lipgloss lipstick? wtf ahahah

Even though I'm not a huge fan of Miss Tangerine, I still do want to try out the other colours... Maybe in Winter though... To see if it's a heat thing. ;; but I don't know. ahahaha.
I definitely know I want maaany more Dear My lipsticks. ;uuu; /try all the colours~