Tuesday, December 10, 2013

November/December Makeup Favourites

And here we see lazy blogger doing lazy post! I've been wanting to do these kinds of posts all year but I always forget, soooo let's see if I can do these more than once this coming year! I bet $5 on me failing
I was planning on doing dislikes but the main things I disliked this year were
a) Etude House Sweet Recipe All Over Colours because they wouldn't stay on no matter what I did
b) Tonymoly Cats Wink BB cream because it exploded in my makeup bag and
c) Tonymoly Cats Wink BB cream base because... it exploded in my makeup bag too. I suggest not buying them... if you want to keep the cute makeup bag that you paid a lot for... Like they're good but um... Exploding... Not good...
I'm going through my old reviews to link stuff and I am so mad at my eyebrows they're so uglylyyylyyy

 Anyway, I've been using these products a looot over the last month and a bit and they're toootally worth buying. ;u; sorry not sorry it's mostly Etude but they do put out good stuff omg
 First off, Etude House Missing U, I Can Fly Hand Cream Peach Peach Peach ~ Smells just like the panda one from one of the previous lines of handcreams, which was my favourite, kind of oily at first but smells good enough to ignore that.
 Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick #3 Lemon Candy ~ The thing I wear the most on my lips, it's a suuuper sweet colour and doesn't rub off too easily!
 Etude House Drawing Eye Brow #1 (probably) Super easy to use, one side is an eyebrow brush, I looove this but as my hair keeps getting lighter, I'm now looking for a good blonde eyebrow mascara.
 Maybelline Colour Whisper 'One Size Fits Pearl' and Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss #1 Me and My Ice Cream - I haven't reviewed either of these yet, the first one is a nude lipstick which is cute for natural looks and the lipgloss is also more nude than pink while on, isn't as longlasting as it attempts to seem but still cute nonetheless. :>
 Tonymoly Cats Wink Pact - Also not reviewed, though I should do it soon, I've moved back to this one from my Etude Sweet Recipe one since this one cakes up less on my face.
 Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #2 Berry Choux
Lightens your skin, hides a fair amount of redness, makes your bb cream last a fair amount of time and has the most adorable breakable jar!
Etude House Dear Girls Vitcara Long & Curl Mascara - super lengthening, doesn't clump too much, super cute packaging!

Honourable mention;

Monday, November 25, 2013

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk OR209

So seeing as the girls over at thehiddenthimble were having a blogshop and mentioned Etude products I went along because oh man, it has been soooo long since I have bought makeup cough mostly because I own way too much cough and I've been wanting to buy new Etude products for ages... Of any kind. I need to please my need for all the Etude makeup...
So yeah, I got the Blooming Lips-talk OR209. Now, I've already got PK006, OR207 and RD302 as seen in this super awful old blogpost... And let's just say... The orange I bought then didn't suit my skin whatsoever. Sooo I went with the one that was closest to a pink/orange/what-colour-are-you-even-meant-to-be?
 The top photo is under fluorescent lighting and the bottom under natural light. I'm not even sure I should call this orange? I've stared at this picture for so long being like, "I guess it could be orange... But it's so pink". Either way, it's a really wonderful colour and I love it, I'm just confused as to why it's under the 'OR' label... It's a pink/orange lovechild.
 The tubes still have the super cute heart/tiaras on them which I adore so much. ;O;
 And the bottles are still super, super cute! (Like I want to buy the colour pop series but the tubes are orange/white? My pink feelings where did they go...) So even if you don't like the colour you get, having these in your room is super princess-y~ I kind of feel like it's toy lipstick with the pink tube, though. hahah. The only bad thing about these tubes is that, if you have too many, the tube doesn't exactly give away which colour it is (except in tiny text on the bottom) so you have to like... Open every tube.
... And even the tag is pretty pink!
A picture of my whole face + gross hair from extreme windy~ness (from yesterday I'm sorry) to gauge just how pink it really is.
Nevertheless, if you'd like a lipstick that isn't god-awful bright orange and is closer to pink with some orange undertones in it, you should definitely get this. It's a super cute colour in person and I was wearing it all this morning trying to figure out its real colour. ;O;
  • I love love love Etude lip products!
  • It stays on pretty nice and slightly glossy for at least two hours or so~
  • It's orange... but pink.
  • Super cute packaging!
  • Cheap! They usually go for $10 on ebay and there is a huuuge range of colours so you'll definitely find one you like!

  •  I'm just so lost on whether I should call it pink or orange!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hair Adventure #2

Last Monday I finally /finally/ decided to go get my hair redone at Shinka, by Taka, who I had the first time as well. :> 
First off, he is super sweet aaaah. We were talking when I was leaving and he was like, "I'll practice my English for next time you come!" ffffkgjgjjgkfg my feelings ;~~; (I will need to start learning Japanese to surprise him lmfao)
Anyway, I knew he wouldn't straight-out bleach my hair and I'm honestly kinda glad he didn't because he had to use some for my roots and man... Bleach is uncomfy as shit. :<
But the more I have orangey-brown colours, the more I don't want to change them. ;~; this colour is so so so cute! 
Just as a recap, my hair was this colour last time;
So it's not a huge difference, but it's definitely a lot lighter and nicer. :>
I really adoooore my hair right now sob ;~;

Bonus: Liam and I can't take couple photos without looking dumb omg

Anyway, if you're looking for a hairdresser in Sydney and want someone who won't damage your hair/doesn't even want to, go to Taka at Shinka. He is super sweet and nice and always makes my hair look super cute and I'm so glad I didn't go straight to blonde because I'm still not sure if it'll suit me. :> hahahah

(Also sorry for lack of updates, I've had like 3 assignments this past week wtf)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Floriade Canberra 2013 [pic heavy~]

So when I was in Canberra, Liam, my mum, my dad and I went to Floriade because... FloWERS. Yeah, this is just a huge bunch of flower pictures.
I warned you.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow #1

 Even though my hair is lighter than original now, I still darken my eyebrows because - despite having a lot of eyebrow hair - there are parts which are not filled in enough compared to the other. ;o;
 It has a brush side and the pencil side, let's ignore my brush cleaning... unskills. LOL
Here's one of my eyebrows pre-eyebrow pencil, I mainly pencil in the thicker bit since I always screw up the smaller part orz ~~
 And post-eyebrow pencils. It certainly darkens my eyebrows, but that could also just be because I put bb cream and powder over my eyebrows huhuhu.
There's definitely a biiiig difference when I use it on only one eyebrow LOL (am I the only one that forgets I have two eyebrows OTL) left is done, right is not. 
 And both eyebrows done looks rlly good and less spacey. ;o;
Full makeup look! Full eyebrows +10 adorable points! image 

 (also it is hot as balls today wow)

  • Cute filled in eyebrows!
  • Cheap! I think I bought it for like $5 + free shipping?
  • it has the cute brushy brush attached to it so you don't have to take a brush w/ you as well if you go on trips! (idk mine never have before?)
  • dark eyebrows can be cute with lighter hair. ;o; 

  • this is a dislike on myself.
  • i hate cleaning brushes.
  • i should be banned from using brushes because i am a brush abuser

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Harajuku Lovers 'Music' Perfume

 I will start off with, why yes, I did buy this because I wanted a teeny person in my room. Why yes, I did smell it beforehand and it isn't fruity or candy-like like my others but look it's a little person. Honestly, not very great and I only slightly regret it because it's still cute. :<
I wouldn't buy any more of them because the smell is kind of... It makes me want to gag because it's so... I don't know. But anyway... Have some photos.

 Look at her cute lil dress just look.
  • The bottle is super cute, which was the main reason I wanted one.
  • I got it on sale so I think it was somewhere between $5-$10
  • ...
  • ...

  •  It's one of the small bottles.
  • The smells aren't very great for the others, so I can't have a collection because I'd never use them.
  • Smell seems to fade fairly quickly after I put it on, only lasts like 2hrs at most? :<
  • Yeah okay the smell is pretty bad; I was expecting something cute but this smells like clubbing-lady-in-her-20's-that-needs-to-go-easy-on-the-perfume if you know what I mean. That being said, I tend to only use candy/fruity perfumes. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gets + Belly Button Piercing

First of all, oh God I haven't updated in forever since I totally didn't realise my computer had an SD card slot (I don't look at every single side before using omg) so I could have posted earlier but aauuughgh I did not. Anyway, I've been in Canberra since last week and today I went with my friend and Liam so my friend Penny could get two cartilage piercings and so I could get...
My belly button pierced lolol. It isn't wonky, it's just my mad camera skills showing omg
Anyway, if you'd told high school aged me that I'd get a belly button piercing, I would have been like, "NO I WOULDN'T, THEY ARE FOR WHORES." like wow I really would have but now I just... it's so cute omg and it's piiiink. http://instagram.com/p/egl2pyyugt/ for it under actual good lighting LOL 
Aaaanyway, I've wanted a belly button piercing for like... Aages upon ages and finally did it and it didn't really hurt much at all! ;o; And my piercer is really nice and when we went in they were having a piercing sale so I got it pierced (jewellery and all) for only $50 instead of $80! Aaaahh so good. omg (then I spent the money on clothes OTL).
 I ended up going to valleygirl because valleygirl is my love omg. I also bought a skirt with all these but it went over my piercing and my piercer told me not to or else it'd hurt a lot since it's new. (then I later add a picture omg) ;o; The denim shirt is prob my favourite out of all my buys. ;o;
 I like this shirt because it has a cuuute cross thing on the back. Also everything was like $10 each because I love sales racks. orz

 AlSO I WOULD HAVE TAKEN THIS WHILE WEARING A SKIRT BUT... I have no idea where my high waisted skirts are? I've like completely lost them omg but it has like little leopards all over it, I swear it's cute.

 $30 perf shoes omg. I've been looking for this kind of shoe for ages but could never find cute ones. ;o;

 The skirt that I'm afraid to wear because it's gonna be over my belly! Something I won't wear for about two months maybe. /ugly sobs
And cute jewellery. :> um idk I swear I'll start reviewing up again, hahah.

Monday, September 2, 2013

ZenQ Desserts, Macquarie Centre

 This was a while ago, but I'm catching up on the blogs I was going to do, yay! So after we picked up Liam, we wanted to get dessert, but Noggi was closed and so we went here. ;o;

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colour PK002 Strawberry Chiffon Cake

 I found some pictures in the deep dark depths of hell on my computer... Also, unsurprisingly, called my 'blogger' folder that I was meant to review but seemed to just skip over? (These were taken in March...) Anyway, this makes 3/5 All Over Colours reviewed (finally wow). I really loved the colour when it was in the jar but when I put it on it's not even very okay at all!

Sorry that I look fucking terrifying in these, I'm not sure why I do??? (jfc it's awful) But this isn't very visible to begin with as an eyeshadow OR as a lipgloss, so you can't really see much at all. :/ Probably the All Over Colour that I dislike the most.
See? Hardly even visible at aaaall on my eyes.
&These are after class+lunch, I'd assume.
This still had the same problem as the others where it would dry out my lips and the eyeshadow would crease up on the crease on my eye. It really isn't worth the hassle of changing it, tbh.

  • Smells nice
  • Cute packaging

  • Doesn't stay on for very long without needing redoing
  • I have yet to find a way for my lips to not dry out
  • And for the eye stuff to stop going into the crease
  • Wasn't that cheap tbh
  • I've yet to try them as blush, but tbh I'm expecting the worst. :< /greasy face?